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CleverInsight advanced cloud solution structure the collection of feedback from your customers’ loyalty and your employees’ well-being. You can analyze the results in real time and easily get an overview.

Beregn sandsynligheden for at få anbefalinger vha. NPS-skalaen

What is NPS?

Net Promoter ScoreSM (NPS) is a method for measuring the satisfaction and loyalty of a company’s customer platform developed by Fred Reichheld – Bain & Company.

Your benefits of ongoing feedback

With a cloud solution from CleverInsight, you get an advanced solution that easily allows you to collect feedback from all your customer channels, analyze it in real time and make quick decisions. With the CleverInsight cloud solution, you have the optimal framework for increasing customer loyalty, growing sales and improving your bottom line.
Mål transaktioner og relationer - ikon

Measure transaction and relation

CleverInsight gives you the opportunity, easily and simply, to measure directly at the individual customer contact point and the strength of the customer's relation to the company.

Øget medarbejdertrivsel med eNPS - ikon

Increased employee well-being

Committed employees contribute with input. Ongoing employee measurements provide insight and important knowledge.

NPS- og eNPS-sparring med konsulenter - ikon

Access to NPS/eNPS coaching

If you need support, CleverInsight and our partners are ready to help you.

Øget kundeloyalitet med NPS-software - ikon

Increased customer loyalty

Focus on increased customer loyalty pays off. Loyal customers are customers for a longer time, buy  more and contribute to the company's positive reputation.

Indblik i kundeoplevelsen med CleverInsight - ikon

Insight into the customer experience

Knowledge of the customers' buying experience gives you insight into the company's strengths and possibly areas of improvement seen from the customer's view.

More recommendations

Activate your loyal customers so that they actively share their experiences with their network.

CleverInsight in the company's departments

This is how CleverInsight solutions create value in the company’s various departments.

NPS solution for the company's various departments

More customers and more loyal customers

Create better results with focused management of the customer experience

With CleverInsight you get access to the entire package within NPS, the Customer Journey and CX Management. An NPS solution that gives you measurable knowledge about your customers’ loyalty and which can  easily be integrated into your business systems. An eNPS module that gives you insight into the organisation’s well-being and commitment, the foundation when a good customer experience is to be ensured.

It is your customers who have the answers

Sending out the first loyalty survey and asking for your customer’s feedback takes 2 minutes. Anyone can do it – simply and smoothly. So simple you will love it. Handling just one dissatisfied customer’s objections will in most cases create a new ambassador, and this equals more recommendations, greater turnover, a better reputation, fewer fire-fighting operations, a more customer-focused organization, peace of mind and more time for business.

What your customers think and say is important!

Regardless of whether goal-oriented management of your customers’ experience is new to you, or whether you are already well on your way, we can help you further.

Fill in the contact form and book an inspirational meeting. 

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Integrations to CleverInsight

Interconnecting company systems offers significant benefits

Integration with other software systems makes it possible to automate the sending of measurements and to combine the customer’s loyalty level with the company’s other data such as, for example, revenue, earnings, product mix, etc. and thus create an intelligent and qualified overview.

That's what you get with CleverInsight integrations

CleverInsight has an open API and we have already made a large number of integrations for other software solutions, such as e-conomic , e-accounting , Helios , Miralix , Zapier , Holco SAM and a large number of other programs. Our open API also gives you the opportunity to create an integration yourself according to your wishes.

There are thousands of software solutions

If you want an integration for a solution that we have not already made, we will make it after an agreement.

Systems with CleverInsight integrations

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